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Easy to use digital signage for Firestick and Android that you can control from your phone or computer.

Your first 10 screens are completely FREE!

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Join over 16,706 users who are powering their digital signage screens using PosterBooking, including:

Super-quick setup guide

Step 1

You need a TV or any digital screen, no need for it to be a smart TV.

It can be a consumer or commercial TV.
Any TV will do.

Step 2

You need a player, you can use an Amazon Firestick, an Android Box, a PC, Raspberry Pi or pretty much any device.

We highly recommend an Amazon Firestick (any version) or an Android device.

Step 3

For the Amazon Firestick, connect it to your screen, then search for “PosterBooking” on the top left and install.

Login into PosterBooking dashboard, click “Add Screen” and enter your screen code.

For other devices install the required player under “Download App” in the dashboard.

And you’re done!

How to set up free digital signage screens

PosterBooking is a Whitelabel Digital Signage Platform that is revolutionising the way advertising is displayed.

With PosterBooking you can control your digital signage content from anywhere in the world.

You can manage how adverts appear on your digital signage screens. Whether it's on one screen or a whole network, you can schedule your content, and get reports on your ads that are being displayed.

Go live in less than 2 minutes


to sign up


to add a screen


to add content and go live!

Digital signage made simple.

Upload content directly
from the dashboard

PosterBooking lets you easily control what displays on your digital signage screens.

Why choose PosterBooking?

Real-time updates

You can deploy your screens within a few minutes, change and update your content in real-time.


Upload your own logo in the dashboard and voila, you have your own digital signage brand! Now you can show your clients that you have your own CMS platform!

Easy to use

We’ve made it super-simple and easy to set up a screen. You can go live in three super-simple steps. Add a screen, create a playlist and then upload content!

Manage your screens remotely

With PosterBooking you can upload and manage your content without having to visit your screen locations, saving you time and money.

Schedule content and create playlists

Schedule your content to stay ahead of the game. You can control the date and time of when your content should appear, making it easy for you to manage what your customers see.

Cost effective

Price always matters, that’s why for £2.99 per month we’re the most cost-effective digital signage platform! And if you thought that was a good deal… your first 10 screens are free!

Synchronised screens

Want your content to be displayed over a couple of screens? No problem! You can sync your screens at the click of a button.

Upload photos and videos

Make your screens engaging with dynamic and captivating content.

Simple scalability

We’ve made it really easy to grow your screen network with PosterBooking, we’ve taken everything into consideration from pricing, hardware and ease of use, to branding the platform for yourself.

Free online support

Our experts are always online to help you with your needs.

Still not sure?

We know how painful it can be to find the right solution, and sometimes it’s either too costly or the free trial doesn’t last long enough to make a decision. That’s why with PosterBooking your first 10 screens are completely free


Turn any screen into smart digital signage by using PosterBooking and your favourite media player

PosterBooking works on most mainstream media players, but here is our list of recommended media players which we have personally tested!

You can also install PosterBooking on media players that run the following operating systems:
We’re slowly adding more devices, so if you have a media player that’s not on the list and would like to use it with PosterBooking, let us know!

Who we are

PosterBooking turns any TV screen into a digital sign. Allowing you to display images and videos for a variety of uses including for advertising, restaurant menus, general messages and more.

You simply plug in a device like an Amazon Firestick into the TV, and download the app and upload content via the PosterBooking dashboard.

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