PosterBooking Release Log

Latest Version: v6.11.0

App: v6.11.0
Date: 24th June 2023
1. Enhanced Realtime communication for content delivery:

– Implemented a robust and efficient real-time communication system within the app.
– Users can now receive content updates and notifications in real-time, ensuring a seamless and instant delivery experience.
– Improved performance and reduced latency for faster content synchronization.

2. Improved online/offline device status for better monitoring:

– Upgraded the device status feature to provide more accurate and reliable information on the online/offline status of devices.
– Users can now easily monitor the connectivity status of their devices, ensuring uninterrupted content playback.
– Enhanced the visual indicators for device status, making it easier to identify and troubleshoot connectivity issues.

3. Streamlined bulk content reporting for efficient management:

– Introduced a new feature to streamline the process of reporting and managing bulk content.
– Users can now generate comprehensive reports for multiple content items simultaneously, saving time and effort.
– Improved the reporting interface with advanced filtering and sorting options, allowing users to quickly identify and address any issues or inconsistencies in their content library.
– Optimized the backend processes to handle large volumes of content efficiently, ensuring smooth and reliable content management for users with extensive libraries.

4. Bug fixes and performance improvements:

– Resolved various bugs and glitches reported by users, enhancing the overall stability and reliability of the app.
– Conducted performance optimizations to improve the app’s speed and responsiveness, providing a smoother user experience.



App: v6.10.0
Date: 9th June 2023
1. Improved Reporting Efficiency:
  • Instead of reporting every content individually, the app now performs bulk posts every 10 minutes. This optimization significantly reduces the server load for impression reporting, leading to enhanced performance.
2. Enhanced Screen Reporting:
  • The screen reporting feature has been optimized to post reports every 7 minutes. This modification reduces the database load and accelerates report generation, resulting in quicker access to valuable insights.
3. Bug Fix for Echo Update:
  • Resolved a bug that caused URL refresh every minute when the echo was not found. This issue has been addressed, ensuring that URL updates occur appropriately and eliminating unnecessary refreshes.
4. General Code Updates and Maintenance:
  • Comprehensive updates and maintenance have been performed on the codebase to improve overall speed and efficiency across the app. These enhancements contribute to a smoother and more optimized user experience.

App: v6.9.14
Date: 4th March 2023
1. Enhanced Performance:

We have completely rewritten the app to optimize its performance, resulting in a faster and smoother user experience.

2. Seamless Transitions:

Enjoy smoother transitions between screens and features, making your transitions from screen to screen more seamless and enjoyable.

3. Expanded Animation Library:

Discover a wider range of animations available within the app, allowing you to bring your content to life with more dynamic and engaging visual effects.

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