White Label Digital Signage Software

Start your own digital signage brand with PosterBooking

The PosterBooking white label solution allows you to use resell digital signage using your own branding.

What is digital signage white-labelling?

White-labelling simply allows you to have your own name, branding and domain, while using our digital signage service. This means you can start your own digital signage brand, without having to build one from scratch.

What you'll get

Custom CMS

You’ll be able to run the PosterBooking platform under your own brand, and use your own domain. Upload your own logo in the dashboard and voila, you have your own digital signage brand! Now you can show your clients that you have your own CMS platform!

Low-cost white-labelling

You shouldn’t need to invest thousands to get a digital signage platforum up and running. Our white label solution is great value for money, and will only cost £30 per month

First 10 screens free

Just like our main PosterBooking service, your first 10 screens are totally free, even while you are using our white-label service. Every screen after that we will bill you for each additional screen, on top of the monthly white-label license.

Bill your own clients

Your clients belong to you, and we give you full control in how you want to bill them. We don’t take any payment details of your clients, that’s all up to you. We bill you for your total monthly screen count

Bill your own clients

It’s your digital signage platform, so you choose what you want to charge your clients.

Super-fast set up

You can get your own white label platform set up within a hour. It’s super fast to set up, which means you can get your brand running as soon as possible

Low maintenance

The white label solution runs on the same platform as the main PosterBooking service, so you don’t have to worry about maintenance, leave that to us!

No commitments

We don’t do lengthy contracts, you only pay for the month you use.

Who we are

PosterBooking turns any TV screen into a digital sign. Allowing you to display images and videos for a variety of uses including for advertising, restaurant menus, general messages and more.<br><br>
You simply plug in a device like an Amazon Firestick into the TV, and download the app and upload content via the PosterBooking dashboard.<

You're in good company

Just a few of our clients who have advertised on our software, or use our software to power their digital screens

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